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Our Experience

Kinnarps has worked with some of the UK’s biggest public and private sector companies, on contracts ranging from small supply projects to the end-to-end management of major redesigns and fit-outs. Over our 70 years we have developed a reputation for sharp thinking, quality products and comprehensive project management. We work with customers to understand their challenges and come up with solutions which fit their budget and timescale, helping improve efficiency and wellbeing in the workplace.

“We couldn’t have possibly achieved what we have without the services of reliable, efficient suppliers like Kinnarps, who understood what we were up against and moved quickly to get the job done on budget and to deadline.”
North Somerset Council

Mole Valley District Council

Mole Valley District Council Logo

A modern approach for a traditional council

Mole Valley District Council is nestled in the North Downs in Dorking, Surrey. A typical local authority dealing with a variety of administrative and social needs of their local community, they had been homed in the 1980’s building, designed to complement the local heritage of Oust Houses, for over 30 years when it became apparent that a change was needed.

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West Dorset District Council

West Dorset District Council Logo

Two Become One

When West Dorset District Council’s premises in Dorchester and Weymouth were deemed no longer fit for purpose, the decision was taken to bring the 300 staff together into a new purpose-built hub which would also house a library and a complete range of services for the people of Dorset.

Kinnarps’ design capability, product selection and value for money were decisive factors in being chosen from 6 competing suppliers to deliver a complete design and installation solution. We are now a trusted partner of West Dorset DC, and have since worked with them on several other projects.

Cornwall Council

West Dorset District Council Logo

Join the Hub

Kinnarps’ relationship with Cornwall Council began over 25 years ago, and we have worked with them on numerous projects.

Consistent with their strategic objective to maximise supplier efficiency Cornwall Council have regularly test-checked the market, and we have consistently been shown to offer best value. When Cornwall County Council became a unitary authority they consolidated their property portfolio from a large number of small and uneconomical premises to a small number of large regional hubs which facilitated modern ways of working. We worked with them to develop a design model and oversea their change management process, consulting across the project.

Surrey County Council

West Dorset District Council Logo

Stand by me

When Surrey County Council first approached us, it wasn’t just a flexible furniture system they wanted. They were looking for a long-term partner – someone who could help them with everything from small projects to large installations.

We’ve worked with Surrey to mitigate the impact of their reduced property portfolio, coming up with creative ideas to maximise their use of space and facilitate flexible working. Together we have explored third spaces, ratio working and other initiatives that have helped them do more with less.

Rushmoor Council

West Dorset District Council Logo

Put it to the Test

The framework agreement we developed with Hampshire County Council formed the basis for our partnership with Rushmoor Council.

Their challenge was to obtain more value from their available floor area, with a view to closing unnecessary buildings and saving costs. We introduced a trial working area, giving a 30-strong steering group the chance to try flexible working. Their feedback was instrumental in planning the final design and ensuring that the installation went smoothly and received widespread staff buy-in.

London Brough of Ealing

West Dorset District Council Logo

No Small task

The London Borough of Ealing faced a daunting task: amalgamating multiple sites into one central headquarters, to increase efficiencies and improve internal communications and processes, with furniture which looked great and easily could be reconfigured as required.

Kinnarps was chosen for the long-term durability of our products, the value for money we offered, and our professional installation team. We worked with Ealing to develop a stimulating working environment where business processes ran smoothly; the result was a 20% cost saving across their property portfolio and an increased occupancy in the HQ building which enabled them to sell or sub-let part some premises.

Hampshire Constabulary

>Hampshire Constabulary Logo

Keep the Beat

Transitioning from the familiar and reliable to the new and unknown is a challenge, and one that Hampshire Constabulary faced when they decided to introduce agile working.

They knew of Kinnarps from our work with Hampshire County Council and were impressed by our product range and high standards of customer care. We worked with the Constabulary to introduce furniture that would achieve their objectives of facilitating flexible working, while retaining the durability of their previous stock. We also assisted with the fit-out of a several new Police Investigation Centres.

Kent Fire and Rescue

Kent Fire and Rescue Logo

Sit Stand Shift

Kent Fire and Rescue Service wanted to introduce sit-stand working as part of a broader modernisation project which also involved a move from fixed to hot desking.

We held a roadshow to demonstrate the range of furniture in our portfolio and give a sense of what the renovated office space might look like, following which the Series P Duo bench was chosen for its versatility and cost-effectiveness. Kent Fire and Rescue were convinced of the health benefits of height-adjustable workstations, and their faith has been justified with a significant saving on money spent on internal occupational health referrals.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Logo

Blues and Twos

Workplace efficiency is always important, but it’s not often a matter of life and death. That was the case for the blue light services in Hampshire though, when the Fire & Rescue service and the Constabulary moved in to a shared operational HQ.

A pre-existing relationship, strong product range and market-leading standards of customer care were instrumental in securing Kinnarps the contract, and we worked with the Fire & Rescue service and the Constabulary to design their shared HQ. Our involvement spanned the initial consultation phase, through design and specification to final supply and installation.

Environment Agency

Environment Agency Logo

A Sustainable Partnership

Kinnarps’ outstanding environmental credentials were key to our appointment by the Environment Agency and we have worked with them for almost 10 years, providing an end-to-end service incorporating consultancy, design and installation.

Among the numerous projects we have undertaken was the fit-out of a new HQ in Bristol for 1,000 staff, and over the years we have installed around 6,000 workstations in total. Early in our relationship we defined a standard product range, which over time has brought consistency to a previously eclectic furniture stock. We have also helped to embed the Environment Agency brand throughout their office environments.

Crown Prosecution Service

Crown Prosecution Service Logo

Answering the Brief

Nationwide project management capacity to deliver excellence at a local level.

Kinnarps won the CPS contract by beating the incumbent supplier in a tender process run by the OGC. With locations across the country, the CPS needed a partner with nationwide project management capacity to support multiple projects at local offices. We assigned a project manager to each regional site, alongside developing a bespoke e-catalogue to make ordering as straightforward as possible. A recycling programme took care of their existing furniture, and quarterly reviews and agreed KPIs ensured that any obstacles were addressed quickly and effectively.


OfGem Logo

Edging to Agile

We had worked with members of the Ofgem team before on other projects, and they took full advantage of the framework agreement we have in place with Hampshire County Council to work with us again.

Ofgem are moving towards agile working, and we worked with them to establish a trial area in their Millbank office. The purpose of the trial is to allow staff and stakeholders to experience agile working for themselves and give their feedback, before the pilot is extended more widely.


Tearfund Logo

Fit for purpose for the next generation

Tearfund’s big facilities challenge was to break down barriers between departments. Their big HR challenge was to reassure their staff, some of whom felt uncomfortable with the charity spending money on itself, that the redesign would make the charity more efficient and save money in the long term.

Kinnarps was chosen for our careful and collaborative approach, our ability to work alongside other suppliers, and our commitment to sustainability throughout the fabrication and fit-out process. We worked with Tearfund to develop an office environment with break-out areas and room for collaboration, as well as assisting with acoustics and change management.

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West Dorset District Council Logo

Setting the Standard

An internationally-recognised conservation charity, WWF-UK is a high-profile advocate of sustainable, environmentally-friendly living.

When it decided to relocate to Woking, their new home needed to be an exemplar of a genuinely environmentally responsible workplace; a building that would work in harmony with nature and inspire, engage and educate its employees and visitors. Our sustainability credentials were decisive in winning us the contract, and our office layout expertise enabled them to move from 300 individual desks to 160 benched workstations in an open-plan office which has won widespread acclaim.

Battersea Cats & Dogs

West Dorset District Council Logo

Design on a Leash

It was a visit to the WWF headquarters that alerted Battersea Cats & Dogs Home to the potential benefits of partnering with Kinnarps for their office renovation project.

They were desperate to change the office culture and working environment from old-fashioned ‘make do’ to modern and efficient; to create an environment where different teams could work together effectively and where communication between sites was improved. And they needed to do it in a cost-sensitive way, so as not to give donors and sponsors the wrong impression. Our solution struck the perfect balance – a scheme that was operative but not ostentatious, and which will serve them well for years to come.

Efficiency savings for Hampshire County Council

HCC’s Workstyle Programme, developed in collaboration with Kinnarps, delivers £2m efficiency savings annually, including a 28% reduction in running costs and a 25% increase in space utilisation.

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