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'Workstyle' Programme Delivers Savings

Hampshire County Council logo

As the lead authority for the Asset Management Workstream on the National Improvement and Efficiency Partnership, and a leading member of the Central Buying Consortium, Hampshire County Council has an exceptional record of achieving cost savings and efficiency in the management of its property portfolio. Kinnarps is a preferred supplier, and has supported HCC in its endeavours for over 14 years.

What was the challenge?

HCC’s 6,000 members of staff were housed across a large office portfolio which presented a raft of challenges. The traditional, cellular office layout was inefficient and outdated, with individual workstations that took up unnecessary space and were often unoccupied. The objective of the ‘Workstyle’ Programme, which began in 2009, was to “transform our existing workspaces into a modern, flexible office portfolio, whilst introducing new ways of working; provide the opportunity to generate efficiencies, deliver better services, improve corporate performance, and enable greater networking with partner agencies.”

What we did

The HCC office estate has been completely refurbished to provide flexible, efficient and modern offices with functional spaces for its workforce and service users. This was achieved with the support of Kinnarps, via:

  • Carrying out an observation study to establish the existing occupancy levels;
  • Our space planning team supporting HCC Property Services (HCCPS) in using the results of the study to inform the design process;
  • Hosting stakeholder visits to our Next Office Concept headquarters, to showcase New Ways of Working concepts and present to HCC senior management;
  • Installing pilot furniture to define practical solutions for all stakeholders, allowing them to trial their proposed new workstations in a real life setting (this supported the Council’s change management programme and helped to secure staff engagement);
  • Facilitating the transition from individual desks to a more agile, collaborative office layout, with shared facilities and settings which nurture joined-up service delivery; and
  • Supplying high quality, flexible furniture, thereby providing a consistent furniture standard and improving performance and durability across the estate.


“Not only has it delivered enormous improvements in quality and cost efficiency, but the programme has also been met almost universally by positive staff and customer feedback.”

  • Increased space efficiency, which has allowed the Council to make further cost savings through the release of accommodation in other buildings.
  • Improved staff morale, with benefits for recruitment and retention of staff (employee satisfaction with the working environment was found to be nearly twice as high after the redesign).
  • Improved customer experience and corporate performance, including specially-purposed touch-down areas for visiting staff and additional break-out space.
  • A framework agreement which enables all members of the Central Buying Consortium to purchase products and services from Kinnarps.
Office running
costs reduced
by 28%
increased by 25%
Gross office
floor area
reduced by 25,000sqm